Seamless Logistics: Handling Mammoet’s PTC210 Crane

We are proud to have partnered with Mammoet to handle the arrival of their impressive PTC210 crane in Vancouver this June.

One of the largest cranes in the world, it was meticulously packed into over 200 shipping containers and flat racks for transportation from overseas to the Port of Vancouver. Once discharged from vessel in Vancouver, our logistics team coordinated with the ocean terminal, standard container trucks, customized heavy load trucks and dispatchers to ensure rapid movement to the IntermodeX yard on Portside Road. The largest container, weighing over 42 metric tonnes, required a specialized 9-axle drop deck trailer. 

At our facility, our operations team collaborated with Mammoet crane operators and skilled tradespersons to unpack some of the precious cargo, ensuring legal road weights and dimensions for the final leg of the journey. As the crane is shipped worldwide to various job sites, some containers required our mechanical shop’s expertise to repair and reinforce the custom-owned ISO flat racks and containers.

Once the cargo was safely stowed and ready, our team loaded the flat racks and containers onto outbound trucks for the 1,000-mile journey to the job site in Fort McMurray. We are grateful for the trust Mammoet placed in us to manage such critical cargo and hope to see the crane again as it travels to its next destination and mega-project.

Check out the short video below.